Friday, February 29, 2008

Veteran of Hope: Dr. Vincent Harding on Dr. Martin Luther King

See over at Democracy Now! | Ex-Speechwriter, Confidante Dr. Vincent Harding on Dr. Martin Luther King's Courageous -- and Overlooked -- Antiwar and Economic Justice Activism.

Dr. Harding was one of my professor at seminary. I'm not sure I fully understood him at the time, but come on I was a newly married, trying to be a part-time youth minister and a full-time seminary student and . . . too many other things.

If you don't know who Vincent Harding is, take a break and watch the clip. Today is the February 29th and we have an extra day of Black History month to celebrate. Sure, Black History month is just a made-up holiday so people can talk about history. But that isn't a bad thing! And Vincent Harding is worth getting to know.

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