Friday, February 15, 2008

A Real Gem in Independence

Hugh Wlesh at the Examiner does a nice write-up about the wonderful Diamond Bowl, called "Having a ball." Yeah, the article is about a month old, but some nice photos there.

I'm a sucker for bowling alleys. Maybe because Bowling Alone is one my favorite books. Maybe because Ed (Wikipedia entry or IMDB) is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. Maybe because I love the Independence Square.

Or maybe because Michelle, the manager is awesome. Maybe because the great Paula Sorensen works there when she isn't at the Main Street Coffee Shop and/or singing great songs.

Or maybe because the current plan is for Family Guy viewing on Sunday nights. Or maybe it is the minicheese burgers.

Or maybe, you should just check it out yourself.

It is located at 218 N Osage Street in Independence, Phone: 816.252.8003.

Harry S Truman bowled there, so should you!

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