Thursday, February 28, 2008

Who will get Toddy?

It was a disappointing Christmas. For the bust of my adolescent self was the joint gift from the two people who were suppose to know WHAT I REALLY WOULD LIKE FOR CHRISTMAS!

So back in those days $10 per brother was about the budget for a Christmas gift. But I guess at the craft fair Scott & Brian both found the possibility of seeing their elder brother sculpted in clay to be too great a lure. So, yes, dear reader, they did combine their funds together and just by providing a 2d school photo I was transformed into the great work of art you see photographed here.

"Oh, wow, thanks Scott and Brian. I never considered the possibility that I could receive a mini-bust of myself for Christmas. But thanks. Honestly, it is very unexpected. Boy, this sure beats getting any new comic books, or another role playing game module. Thanks, very thoughtful of you. You shouldn't have. Really, you shouldn't have."

He use to have a pair of glasses that has been lost and I've taken him out of his protective case (Insert divorcing guy joke here). And, while there have been many disputes in this adversial legal process I am not engaged in, the final ownership of Toddy has never been in question. Someday you need to count the small blessings.
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