Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Neocon MP3's

Andrew Sulivan's blog points to an interesting song: "Bush was Right." Sulivan describes it as, "A neocon hard-rock anthem for dispirited Republicans."

The song reminds me of Billy Joel's "We didn't Start the Fire." However, isn't it a little hard to have honest reflection on the Bush legacy if you are just literally singing his praises?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

A House Divided?

Kit Wagar reports in the Kansas City Star that the current chair of the budget committee, Brad Lager (R-Maryville) is being outsted by Speaker Rod Jetton (R-Marble Hill). Lager's conservative credentials are rock solid, however, losing his leadership position seems to have freed Lager to talk candidly about the budget situation. Wagar reports:

“Even with a strong economy, even with a growing number of jobs, even by doing all the things we’re supposed to do, we still have a problem…” Lager said. “In today’s environment, mandatory expenditures will consistently exceed our revenue.”

Lager’s comments reflect a growing realization among many Republican leaders that the state’s financial problems are significantly worse than they claimed over the last few years, when they blamed all the state’s woes on former Gov. Bob Holden, a Democrat

The bloggers over at RightMissouri see this article as nothing more than a hatchet job against the Republicans, which just as easily could have been a news release of the Missouri Democratic Party. What RightMissouri fails to acknowledge is that this is a debate within the Republcian party. When one party controlls the governor's manion, and both houses in the General Assembly, differences are sure to arise. The party discipline of the Repubicans has been incredible in the past several years. Legislators have taken their marching orders from their leadership and seem ready to speak from their party's talking points. As more legislators gain more experience, will we see this discipline waver in the following year?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sign of the Times

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Columnist Deb Peterson cites a "Sign of the Times" that:

State Rep. Jeanette Mott Oxford's entry in the new Missouri Blue Book, the state's official manual, notes: "With partner Dorothy, owns home in Benton Park neighborhood." This marks the second time that information on same-sex partners has appeared in the Blue Book.

Perhaps it is a "Sign of the Times" that a small listing in the Blue Book is the featured prominently in a column in a major Missouri paper.

Are Republican Legislators Moving Away from Blunt?

Over at Political Fix, a political web blog of the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Jo Mannes says that recent comments from Speaker of the House Rod Jetton are being viewed by some

as a sign that the Republicans controlling the Legislature are beginning to distance themselves from their party’s man at the top, Gov. Matt Blunt.

Which lead me to respond on the site that:

While Matt Blunt was campaigning he spoke out against the efforts of Republicans in the House to end the the Children’s Health care program (Chips). Now are the Republican legislators going to distance themselves from the governor? My observation is that the governor is less conservative than most of the House Republicans. I think voters will look at the entire record, not just the legislative year prior to an election. I also don’t think they will largely judge Republican legislators and the Governor together.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What We Believe

I'm a regular reader of FiredUp! Missouri. It is great example of how the internet can be used to create an online community focused on a poltical effort. Poltical activist and former Carnahan chief of staff, Roy Temple, is the driving force behind the site. I like Roy. I think he has a brillant political mind. I sometimes have a problem with Roy's tone and I have wondered, at times, if he has gone too far on an attack. I do firmly believe, however, that Missouri's progressive political scene is better off because of him.

While over at the FiredUp! site, I read the section "What We Believe." An amazing statement--almost theological. Did I mention that Roy was brillant? It is worth a read.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Missouri Political Links

John Combest continues to show that his page is one of the most valuable ones to read for those serious about Missouri politics. Check out his new addition of Missouri Political links and imagine what John's daily routine would be trying to compile the state's significant political headlines.

(I still am hoping for him to add RSS capabilities to his site soon).

Friday, November 11, 2005

Like a naked pedophile on Dateline . . .

Perhaps I'm not up on the new, hip phrases on the street, but I found myself very bothered by a blog entry over at FiredUp! Missouri, which said that Attorney general Jay Nixon, "outs the boy Governor like a naked pedophile on Dateline."

I kind of went off and posted this comment:

what is the point of brining up a "naked pedophile" in reference to our governor? If Nixon is right on this issue, then let the force of his argument win the day, not some cheap political shot. I don’t know if you think the comment is clever, but I find it offensive and it demeans the office of the Governor.

I was then told that because I didn't see the Dateline special, I didn't get that this was just a metaphor for "poor judgement factor" to which I responded:

No, I didn't see the Dateline series, but have seen similar stings on TV. I get the point of the metaphor, I just find it to be in incredibly bad taste. The reference made me angry and not because I don't question the governor's education plan, I do. It just seem to derail this important policy debate with a very disrespectful remark. Maybe a comment like that would play well with a die-hard group of Matt Blunt-haters or with your buddies around the water color, but I don't see how it helps advance the debate.

This Blog as a Metaphor

My blog crashed a month or so ago and I have slowly been trying to get it up again. It feels a little bit like my life right now. My desk is covered with papers and I feel 2 weeks behind on about everything. Plus, my dear son Carter has had the stomach flu which has added so much excitment to our life. However, I can say the page is up today. A posting is being written. And I have many other things that I've been reading about that I'd like to blog on. So, to a more organized life and more productive blogging. (I'm hoping to have my old content imported in to the blog in the next couple of weeks--in case anyone really cares! ;-)