Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Are Republican Legislators Moving Away from Blunt?

Over at Political Fix, a political web blog of the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Jo Mannes says that recent comments from Speaker of the House Rod Jetton are being viewed by some

as a sign that the Republicans controlling the Legislature are beginning to distance themselves from their party’s man at the top, Gov. Matt Blunt.

Which lead me to respond on the site that:

While Matt Blunt was campaigning he spoke out against the efforts of Republicans in the House to end the the Children’s Health care program (Chips). Now are the Republican legislators going to distance themselves from the governor? My observation is that the governor is less conservative than most of the House Republicans. I think voters will look at the entire record, not just the legislative year prior to an election. I also don’t think they will largely judge Republican legislators and the Governor together.

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