Thursday, September 28, 2006

Baseball and True Love

I have not been as avid a baseball fan this year as some years in the past, but I find myself right now quite exhilarated. My first sports love, The Detroit Tigers, is so close to winning their division. They have already clinched a play-off spot, but I desperately want them to win their division.
When I lived in Denver, I became a big Colorado Rockies fan. I was able to have some peaceful co-existence between my favorite teams because they were in different leagues (and the prospects of them facing each other in the play-offs was slim).
Having been in the Kansas City region for the past decade, the Royals have been growing on me. I have spent many years wondering if I had three teams that I cared about, surely one of them could reach .500.
Right now, however, I wish the Royals better luck in future seasons, but the only purpose they play in my universe is to lose to the Tigers and win as many games as they from the Twins. It perhaps seems uncaring and callous, but I have gotten in touch with that 15-year boy inside of me who remembers what 1984 was like for the Tigers and his passions are overwhelming any of my rational, constructs about the possibility of an "ecumenical," non-competive enjoyment of baseball. To October!