Monday, March 10, 2008

Why Diehard Partisan Politics Makes Me Sick

They should "re-consider their own self-righteous condemnations of others" says GOP Spokesman Paul Sloca.

It is almost sage advice that we could all benefit from, if Sloca didn't try to make the "They" only apply to "Democrats including Jay Nixon."

Mr. Sloca. It is a sad day when a public official falls down. Like we all do at time. Perhaps not as publicly, or dramatically. But you aren't really suggesting that Missouri Republicans are without sin? (Sorry that is theological language, but that is what you are using too!)

(Yes, this is about the Gov. Spitzer affair, this is from a comment I made over at the KC Star's blog.)

New York Governor

Andrew Sullivan, must be one of my favorite bloggers. He correctly notes about Governor Spitzer that "Being human means failing."

Yeah, that is theologically informed, but no doubt true. There is a quote that original sin is the one theological proposition for which there is empirical evidence for.

My heart and prayers goes out to Governor Spitzer and his family, as they go through this difficult time.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Obama: The Anti-Christ?

I found this clip where Glen Beck asks Pastor John Hagee is Obama is the anti-Christ. (Beck seems to be asking the question tongue-in-cheek, but his assertion that he has received lots of letter calling Obama the anti-Christ, I'm sure is real.) Thanks for Andrew Sullivan for first posting this clip.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

For President: A Mormon and a Muslim?

I was in a coffee shop in Northern Michigan early in the week and overheard someone say, "Who would have thought for a president: a Muslim and a Mormon."

Perhaps as a Reorganized Mormon that made me uncomfortable, though there is no doubt that Romney was LDS. The Muslim? Well, most smart, clever readers of the blogs, know that Obama isn't a Muslim. But there are forces in both political parties that are happy to keep drawing lines between people. And they will play on any fear to get votes. I hate that part of our political culture.

Paranoid conspiracy theorist will never cease to amaze me. What is fascinating to me is that there are those that believe that both John McCain and Barrack Obama could be "Manchurian Candidates" (sleeper agents for some foreign power).

I, for one, believe we are lucky to have the strongest field of presidential candidates in my lifetime. (Perhaps with 1976 being an exception, but I was only 7 when Carter faced Ford).