Thursday, March 06, 2008

Obama: The Anti-Christ?

I found this clip where Glen Beck asks Pastor John Hagee is Obama is the anti-Christ. (Beck seems to be asking the question tongue-in-cheek, but his assertion that he has received lots of letter calling Obama the anti-Christ, I'm sure is real.) Thanks for Andrew Sullivan for first posting this clip.

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Rob Froelich said...

I lost a lot of respect for Glen Beck here - I knew he was just another alarmist media whore but this was dipping to new lows. I mean he's showing his agenda to play off christians as reactionary freaks and so who does he pick to ask a hugely charged question - Hagee.. Geez. Some people may like him but Hagee worries me a bit, because he steps beyond the word into a lot of his own prophecies and "messages" from God - which for me doesn't seem necessary and fraught with enormous risk.

I'm glad Hagee handled it well, he impressed me in this situation, and didn't blunder into Beck's trap.