Tuesday, August 19, 2008

D*I*Y Planner | paper, productivity and passion

Perhaps one of the greatest sites on the net:

D*I*Y Planner | paper, productivity and passion

Yes, that makes me a geek.

Monday, August 18, 2008

And Now An Update on Mr. Baxter Pugsley--Crossposting Dog Edition

Of course, the entire blog-a-verse knows about Baxter Pugsley. Ok, maybe not. But the readers of Janet's Blog know about the great dog, the only and only, Mr. B. (Janet is my wonderful sister-in-law who out does me in blogging greatness and having the coolest collection of science fiction stuff that anyone would be proud of.)

Well, I have been alone today with Baxter while Brian has been at work. And we have had a nice time. We took 2 walks and only had 1 little accident, which perhaps "Daddy" aka Brian will not know about.

I am Baxter's "Uncle" at least in dog-laws. Though for some reason, the Elkins nieces and nephews call me Tio Todd. Scott's girls speak Spanish, their Uncle, I mean Tio does not. But I love the alteration of Tio Todd.

Now, I want to believe that Baxter's Spanish is worse than mine, but I'm not testing this dog. He is a good boy and makes his Tio proud!