Friday, November 11, 2005

Like a naked pedophile on Dateline . . .

Perhaps I'm not up on the new, hip phrases on the street, but I found myself very bothered by a blog entry over at FiredUp! Missouri, which said that Attorney general Jay Nixon, "outs the boy Governor like a naked pedophile on Dateline."

I kind of went off and posted this comment:

what is the point of brining up a "naked pedophile" in reference to our governor? If Nixon is right on this issue, then let the force of his argument win the day, not some cheap political shot. I don’t know if you think the comment is clever, but I find it offensive and it demeans the office of the Governor.

I was then told that because I didn't see the Dateline special, I didn't get that this was just a metaphor for "poor judgement factor" to which I responded:

No, I didn't see the Dateline series, but have seen similar stings on TV. I get the point of the metaphor, I just find it to be in incredibly bad taste. The reference made me angry and not because I don't question the governor's education plan, I do. It just seem to derail this important policy debate with a very disrespectful remark. Maybe a comment like that would play well with a die-hard group of Matt Blunt-haters or with your buddies around the water color, but I don't see how it helps advance the debate.

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