Friday, October 03, 2008

Frick Awareness: Find a Cure (redacted by the editor)

You know, when I was growing up, I always wanted a sister. Yes, I imagined the nice things they would say to me and perhaps most importantly, help to fix me up with their friends. But alas, the Goddess gave me 2 brothers. But then their are sister-in-laws. I would never put the F-word on my blog without the great excuse that I'm just supporting my sister-in-law, Janet.

See Janet and me (like many bloggers) are naturally introverts and blogging gives us a chance to "say" the things, we sometimes can't in real life. Though the blogging world is real, I think.

So, in honor of Janet and in the hope that she gets rich on her great design. I'm putting a plug out there for her movement to Frick Awareness: Find a Cure. (Janet, I hope I am not violating your trademark, if so, please contact my attorneys. Yes, after going through a divorce, I have too many). Love, Your Brother-in-Law, Todd

PS: What would the minister who did you wedding say about you using the F-word? Oh yeah, that was me. He thinks it is pretty cool.
PPS: Just so you have the links clear: Janet's Great blog. Her Store.

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