Tuesday, May 22, 2007

She Might Be a Giant . . .

As a watcher of Missouri Politics, I was very interested in who was going to take Charlie Wheeler's senate seat. Jollie Justus was a fascinating candidate and being partial to political outsiders, she was a favorite. (I didn't say she was "the" favorite. I also am a Jason Klumb fan, so I won't do selective memory thing and act like I would have only been happy if Jollie would have won).
Yet the progressive movement needs a strong voice in 10th senate district. There were those that were worried about her inexperience in elected office. As a minister, may I officially pronounce those worries dead! ;-)
Sen. Justus has proven herself to be an outstanding advocate and a great champion for the cause of community, peace and shalom (no, I'm not going to say the J-word! ;-) Her blog, Freshmeat, is one of the great original source materials of activities in the City of Jefferson. And, she stands an excellent standard by which anyone in Missouri could ask if their own senator has the courage and integrity which Sen. Justus does.
If your senator (or representative) can measure up to her, then cast your vote with pride. If he or she can't, you are in luck because you have over 9 months to find a better candidate. (And yes, there was wisdom when God made 9 months the human gestation period!)

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