Friday, May 18, 2007

I am Waiting for the Correction, or Better Yet an Apology

I just posted the comments below at KC Buzz Blog, for once again an erroneous version of the truth was circulated about my involvement with the organization that registered more low-income and Black voters than anyone else in the state. I wrote:

I wonder why the headline didn't read "KMBC's Micheal Mahoney ambushes minister and peace activist at board of elections."

That sounds like a more interesting story, or at least it is mystory. Perhaps because "Todd Elkins" was not a member of ACORN at the time and was not authorized to speak on their behalf. Perhaps he asked not to be interviewed and offered to put Mr. Mahoney in contact with the designated spokesperson. However, under the bright lights of a TV camera, even a nice guy can say things which can be taken out of context.

Editing. Such Power in the Editing.

The solution? More content. Even better content.

The problem with most TV Media is not that it slants to the right or the left, but rather it often is shallow.

I am Elder Todd Elkins and I was there doing 1st Amendment activities that day. So was Mr. Mahoney.

He got the story wrong. I know I was right.

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