Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Up Again

Ok, my wonderful 14 month-old son has really put a dent in my blogging life. However, my friend, Grant, has inspired me to start my blog up again.

I also am going to play around with Blogger again. Unfortunately, my techie-side of me has thought in the past that I am too good to use a simple, "pedestrian" application like Blogger. Instead, I've been using a distribution of Drupal it is very powerful, but a real pain when the site crashes (as it has been known to do). The real question is, do I want to be a blogger or a web-code troubleshooter (the real answer is of course is that I want to do both, but I don't have time to do both!).

I have to say that I haven't used the Blogger application for several years and I'm very impressed with the advances they have made. I will have to start recovering my previous posts from the MySQL database (just to keep the techie in me happy! ;-).

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Bob Hughs said...

If I had read all the way down I would not have had to e-mail.