Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Great Liberal Hijacking of America

Several weeks ago, Kansas City Star's Kit Wagar had a great story on social conversatives in the Missouri Legisalture. One of my favorite quotes came from Rep. Cynthia Davis (O’Fallon -R) who said:
It’s time to get back to the basics . . . Our country has been hijacked by liberals. We’ve had people with left-wing ideas pushing us away from what made America strong.
What is so telling about her quote is this attitude among so many in the Religous Right that they are the persecuted minority, inspite of the fact they are perhaps the most powerful political force in our nation.

Lets see, control of the Missouri House, Missouri Senate, Governor's Mansion as well as US House, Senate, Presidency and the Supreme Court. Yet Davis believes that liberals have "hijacked" our country.

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