Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Music and the Soul

I realized today that I haven't listen to "My Music" for weeks. I have sort of a love/hate thing with music. I guess my self-image is that I'm much more of a NPR News/Talk Radio guy. Which I suppose that I am.

And while I also have had more formal music lessons than most people will have the pleasure of and my performance skills are very week and pale in comparison of my brother, Scott. (One of the great gifts of having brothers is you always are comparing your skills and situation in life to your siblings).

Well, in case I should forget it. I love music. I don't know what it is, but somehow it feeds my soul like few other things do. I need to find the book I was reading that talk about the changes in brain chemistry that happen when one listens to music. It is fascinating.

Yes, it bothers me that I don't have an IPod anymore. It also bothers me that I'm using Windows Media as my primary music player. But it works and I love the playlists and . . .

Hey, Todd, can you stop thinking so much, I'm trying to listen to this song. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I just got a new (to me) car, a Toyota Yaris, and it has a port to hook up your iPod. It also has some weird stereo system that plays mp3 files, including folders on whatever disc you've made... I can't wait to play with it and figure it out.

My point was: I've been immersed in my music lately, to the point of excluding NPR. Weird for me!

Anonymous said...

"If people are the spirit of America, then music is her soul"

an old tag line from a music station I used to listed to.

Lord Mayor

Anonymous said...

Correction; "If people are the spirit of America, then music is her mood."

Lord Mayor