Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Is the The Source Closed to Comments?

It seems that some of the blog entries at The Source now have the message "The comments to this entry are closed." What I don't know if this is simply a way to keep comments limited to very recent posts, or an attempt to stop debate.

Lets be clear, one can run a website any way they want to and post the message that they wish to convey. However, I think that blogs that try to limit a real discussion fail to understand the medium and the true power of the Internet. It also seems that conservatives are more likely to want to reign in debate than liberals are (warning! huge over-generalization!)

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Dan said...

Yeah, they are hesitant to allow any debate over at The Sores. I got myself banned after pointing out some fact that Roe didn't like (I can't remember what it was, but I was careful to be factual). The funny thing was, when he banned me, he stripped all my prior comments from the blog, which made some of his threads even more nonsensical, in that people were responding to comments that weren't there.

There are plenty of rightwing blogs I enjoy, but the Sores is an embarassment.