Saturday, July 01, 2006

Polling and Fraud?

John Combest has an exclusive which shows polling data that incumbent congressman Todd Adkins (from Eastern Missouri) is ahead of his primary challenger state representative, Sherman 77% to 3%. Wow, it appears that landslide might be too mild of a word.

The polling firm was American Viewpoint, which handles a number of republican clients. However, what I found interesting is their listing of those clients. They display the name of former Kansas Republican fith congressional district candidate nominee, Adam Taft. Hmmm, perhaps somone should let American Viewpoint know that their former client was convicted of wire fraud with campaign contributions. He might not represent the image that the firm is wanting to project--but what do I know!

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Bob Hughs said...

Todd, I just wanted to drop and line and say I still see you are keeping up on the news. I hope everyone is fine.